Lettering_01_30th_36 Lettering_01_Belleme_36

Photographs courtesy of Phil R, Bob G and Adrian T.

The dignatories  who attended included (in no particular order):

  • Chairman of Goring and District Twinning Association,
    Mrs Sue Lyons
  • South Oxfordshire District Councillor, Mrs Ann Ducker
  • Mayor of Vaunoise, Chairman of the District Council and County Councillor for Bellême and District,
    M. de Caffarelli,
  • Chairman of the Goring Parish Council, Mr Alan Strong
  • Chairman of Bellême Twinning Committee, Sylvie Maniglier
  • Mayor of Bellême,
    Vincent Ségouin
  • Stühlingen Twinning Chairman,
    Dietmar Würth
  • Mayor of Stühlingen,
    Isolde Schäfer
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